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Structural Detailer Training

This web-based steel detailing course focuses on the concepts and fundamentals of steel detailing. The course concentrates on delivering the information required become a steel detailer. Based on the content of the AISC/NISD publication Detailing for Steel Construction, Third Edition, the web-based course covers basic detailing principles and includes an applied math module with ASD and LRFD examples and calculations, videos, and regular quizzes to ensure mastery of all the material. The course is designed to target someone new to the industry but is also valuable to those already with steel detailing experience. At the end of the course the student will have the knowledge of a junior detailer, but without the practical experience.


The web-based course covers up to 300 hours of CBT (Computer Based Training). The student should anticipate spending six hours per week to complete the course in approximately one year. The student is given 18 months from time of signup to complete the course. Students are left to learn on their own time and at their own pace.


Students are guided through the material in order and tested at key points in the material. A linear system of learning is deployed as mastery of all material is required before the student is allowed to advance in the course. A student must obtain a mark of 70% on each comprehensive test before they are allowed to move ahead to the next section.

Each test of involving the fundamental material is unique as approximately 40% of eligible questions are pulled at random from the question pool.


The course is available in English.


CAD, detailing or modeling software is not required. All information is presented through a web browser. Video files are presented to the user through YouTube.


There are two streams of learning in the course. The first stream is based on the Third Edition of the text Detailing for Steel Construction and focuses on steel detailing fundamentals. The second stream deals with related mathematics where students are introduced to many of the design considerations that go into steel structures. The differences between ASD and LRFD are explained and worked.


All students that complete the course are issued a certificate of completion.


Two texts are required for taking this course:

Detailing for Steel Construction, Third Edition, © 2009

Steel Construction Manual, Fourteenth Edition, © 2011

These texts can by ordered from the AISC Bookstore.


A detailed breakdown is given in the course outline which is downloadable in PDF form. In summary, the sections covered include:

Intro Lessons for Reference
Chapter 1: Introduction to Structural Steel Detailing
Chapter 2: Contract Documents and the Detailing Process
Chapter 3: Common Connection Details
Chapter 4: Basic Detailing Conventions
Chapter 5: Project Set-up and Control
Chapter 6: Erection Drawings
Chapter 7: Shop Drawings and Bills of Materials
Chapter 8: Detailing Quality Control and Assurance


All students have access to the course administrator. Generally speaking, all support is provided over the Internet via email, but telephone support is provided as required. All emails receive prompt attention during normal business hours.


The regular cost of the course is $2,000 for one student. We also provide bulk-purchase discounts.

Please email for more any questions you have in regards to the pricing.