Structural Detailer Training

Fundamental Training for Aspiring Steel Detailers


If you don’t have time to train juniors yourself, use this comprehensive steel detailing course to do it for you. Targeted at junior steel detailing professionals and based on the AISC text Detailing for Steel Construction, this will introduce the student to steel detailing fundamentals and the basics of structural steel design principles.

Appropriate for either high school or technology school graduates, or simply steel professionals wanting to review steel detailing fundamentals to expand their careers.

Online, self-paced, interactive and runs on any platform from a PC, to a tablet, to a smart phone. The regular testing keeps students engaged and the process of mastery learning ensures learning is achieved.

Developed for the industry by industry experts

Based on AISC standards, this course covers everything from basic shapes and raw materials, to project management, connections, welds, basic detailing conventions, drawings and bills of materials.

Numerous design examples introduce the student to the mathematics involved in being an efficient steel detailer. ASD and LRFD examples are presented and quizzes for the student force them to become familiar with the tables in the Steel Construction Manual.

The course will take approximately 300 hours (give or take), based on the student’s prior experience. Offline reading can be done and pdf’s of the mathematics material are available for download. The student is given 18 months to complete the course. Required AISC texts are: Detailing for Steel Construction (3rd edition) and the Steel Construction Manual (14th edition).

The course is presented in linear fashion. Completion of one section opens up the next. Content has been broken down into its smallest possible parts with regular quizzing so that students have regular feedback and testing on the subjects they just read.

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At the end of the course, students will be familiar with the important concepts involved in the structural steel industry, have a strong grasp of the mathematics behind structural drawings, and be able to create and understand structural steel drawings.

Upon completion of the web-based course, students are awarded a Certificate of Completion.

The course is now being offered at a new price of $2,000 per student. For more information, see the Pricing section of the course information page.

What previous students have said...

Stacey Bell Hill

Detailer / Special Projects

Bell Steel Company

I have gained knowledge that would have taken me five years to learn as a detailer without training if I had not taken this course. I now feel comfortable navigating the AISC Steel Construction Manual since my understanding of the material has doubled.

Stephen Ross Nichols II

Prefabrication Department

Southeastern Construction and Maintenance

This course was a great way to learn the fundamentals of steel detailing. The depth of the material covered is immense.

Rupal Shah

Structural Steel Detailer

Skanska Koch Inc.

I am pleased with the knowledge gained after taking this course. This material helped me prepared to be more complete on dealing with steel detailing in daily works related issues.